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Power System Partners and SGB Supply and Install 2x 132MVA Transformers

We’re pleased to announce the completion of our latest UK Data Centre project. Having recently supplied 2 x 135MVA transformers for a site in Slough. PSP and SGB worked with our partner to supply and install the transformers that will provide power to this important site for many years to come.

Training for SGB Transformers installed at Rothienorman substation

It was a pleasure this week to provide familiarisation training for the two 120MVA 275/33kV SGB Transformers installed at Rothienorman substation – at least up until the point where the rain and later hail started! These transformers will help to connect new green generation to the transmission network helping in the UK’s drive towards a carbon neutral future. Many thanks to all involved in this project. #SSE Transmission #SGB Transformers #ROSH Engineeering #Utility Oils #J B Rawcliffe and Sons

Testing SGB Transformers

Testing SGB Transformers for UK Data Centre Developers

SGB Transformers have been very busy testing transformers for some of our UK Data Centre developers. Two 70MVA transformers destined for The Netherlands and two 44MVA transformers destined for Ireland have recently been successfully tested at SGB. Whilst we would of course loved to have received our customers in the factory to undertake the testing, the factory acceptance testing was witnessed by them remotely. Power System Partners were pleased to support both our Principal, SGB, and our customers with this new ‘virtual’ acceptance testing. It is interesting to consider that the ‘virtual’ testing we have done is linked to the

Midel Transformers

The Supported Delivery of 3.5MVA Midel Transformers

We recently supported our principal SGB MY in the delivery of some 3.5MVA Midel Transformers to a UK Data Centre. SGB MY was established in 1994 in Malaysia and is a fully owned subsidiary of the SGB Smit Group. SGB MY can manufacture Oil Immersed transformers up to 40MVA and 69kV, and is able to offer UK style distribution transformers for close coupling to an RMU. We are always happy to quote for Data Centre transformers, and can offer a full range (Large Power, Liquid filled Distribution, Cast Resin, Isolation) at voltages from 400V to 400kV.

Redeployment of an SGB Transformer

Redeployment of an SGB Transformer

Recently we have been assisting SGB Transformers and Northern Ireland Electricity in the redeployment of an SGB transformer. The unit was in storage in Northern Ireland but needed to be redeployed on an urgent basis to protect the distribution network. Given the urgency of the situation our contractors worked with NIE to put the unit in service as quickly as possible – resulting in some long days but with the bonus of this night time photograph. Congratulations to all involved in turning this around and putting the unit into service so quickly!

SGB Transformer delivered to Ireland

SGB Transformer Delivered to Ireland

Another SGB Transformer delivered to Ireland as part of ESB’s successful framework partnership with SGB! Power System Partners are always working hard to ensure that both SGB Transformers and our framework customers receive the best support and service over the term of these associations and into the future.

SGB Transformer Delivery in the UK

SGB Transformer Delivery in the UK

Power System Partners Ltd have helped in the successful delivery of another SGB 25MVA Transformer, to an industrial site in the UK.

The Sucessful Delivery of a SGB Power Transformer in Glasgow

A 120MVA 275/33/33kV SGB transformer was successfully delivered and offloaded at a site in central Glasgow. Power System Partners worked with a dedicated team to achieve a successful delivery completed on time and in accordance with detailed planning.