BCV Technologies

Power System Partners & BCV TECHNOLOGIES will address your needs with a reliable & competitive solution.

BCV Technologies

BCV Technologies is a manufacturer of low-and medium-voltage transformers and reactors. The company, founded over 70 years ago, is based in Fontenay-le-Comte, France. Acquired by Schneider Electric in 1983, BCV Technologies is part of the SGB-SMIT family since 2018.

With a range from 6kVA to 5MVA and voltage up to 24kV, BCV Technologies has experience on demanding applications worldwide: Data Center, Industry, Marine, Building, Uninterruptible power supply, Renewable, etc…

Thanks to a high level of technical expertise, BCV’s DNA is made-to-measure products. Along with it, the French manufacturer also supplies “on the shelf” products for building application.

Listening to the customer & designing reliable solutions are what drive BCV Technologies & Power System Partners when collaborating on a project.

To do so, BCV Technologies is certified ISO 9001, ISO14001 & ISO45001 which ensure the highest quality while having at heart to avoid any negative human & environmental impact.