Our Partners - TAMCO

We are immensely proud of our work with TAMCO.   Established in 1966, TAMCO has continually developed and innovated ensuring its competitiveness on a world stage.

This innovation and development has enabled TAMCO to become the most vertically integrated switchgear manufacturer in South East Asia, making TAMCO the perfect fit with Power System Partners remit to provide the best the world has to offer to the UK and Ireland energy market.

Despite having an extensive history in Asia, prior to partnering with PSP, TAMCO had had little success in developing interests with major utility customers in the UK and Ireland. Power System Partners took major steps to give TAMCO the ability to establish a presence in this market sector. Consequently, TAMCO have achieved the necessary territorial approvals and have been selected as the successful supplier of switchgear to several UK Utility companies for both 11kV and 33kV products.





Our local knowledge and global reach mean that our switchgear is an attractive prospect in the Energy Market. TAMCO's products offer compact dimensions and utilise proven mechanical and electrical components ensuring quality and innovative design. Combined with Power System Partners extensive local support the TAMCO range offers incredible value.


We have a number of industry expert advisers developing the interests of TAMCO in the UK market, to read more about our team please click here.