Our Partners - SGB Distribution Transformers


SGB-SMIT Group has a speciality in Distribution Transformer production at sites around the world. This is complemented by Power System Partner’s specialist knowledge of the UK energy market. We are committed to providing to our customers the best the world has to offer, and our partnership with SGB-Smit Group allows us to provide this in relation to Distribution Transformers.



SGB Distribution Transformers offer a range of distribution transformers from their various production facilities around the world. These include transformers with features such as hermetically sealed units as well as units which can be close coupled to ring main units. For more information on SGB Distribution transformers please contact Mark Ducommun of Power System. 



Power System Partners' expertise enables us to achieve easier project completion by providing services including: project management, problem management and response, PR, marketing, technical assistance, energy market intelligence and quality assurance/assistance.


Projects in this dynamic and volatile industry can often face unforeseen complications but Power System Partners is committed to minimising any issues for partners and customers.