Our Partners - SGB Cast Resin Transformers

Power System Partners has a long and successful partnership with SGB Cast Resin Transformers. The relationship was first established in 2006, making SGB Cast Resin Transformers one of our first partners. Since then we have secured tens of millions of pounds worth of business for the Cast Resin Transformer division of SGB Transformers across the UK and Ireland.


SGB–SMIT Group has over 45 years of experience in Cast Resin construction, this long history means they have substantial expertise in producing innovative design and high-quality transformers. SGB-SMIT Group use the multi-layer winding principle ensuring their Cast Resin Transformers are electrically the best and most reliable on the market. SGB are the only Cast Resin manufacturer to uses this principle, as such they are one of the most successful producers of Cast Resin Transformers in the world.

Our Range covers capacities of up to 24MVA and service voltages of up to 36kV, and includes Copper and Aluminium HV/LV windings, K-Factor rated transformers, dual primary transformers and other special requirements.


Proof of the quality of SGB-SMITs Cast Resin products can be demonstrated by the impressive length of service of our products, high level of availability and subsequent market leading level of mean time between failure statistics.


Power System Partners is incredibly proud to look after the interests of SGB-SMIT Cast Resin in the UK and Irish markets, as their global prestige marries perfectly with our commitment to sourcing the very best the world has to offer. 


Together, our reputations have grown dramatically resulting in sustained rapid increases in annual sales. Today we have an unrivalled reputation in relation to Data Centre projects as well as boasting a large number of prestigious projects and satisfied customers.



Power System Partners provides a comprehensive list of services for our partners and customers. We are experts in the UK and Irish markets and therefore have an exemplary ability to navigate the stormy waters of these energy markets, making business easier for all parties involved.


We provide services including project management, problem management and response, PR, marketing, technical assistance, energy market intelligence and quality assurance/assistance.