Our Partners - Royal Smit Transformers


Royal SMIT has over 100 years of experience in transformer manufacturing having been formed in 1913.Few companies can boast the levels of prestige earned by Royal SMIT.


Royal SMIT continues to design and manufacture high-quality transformers and reactors at extra high voltage levels making them an important partner for Power System Partners in keeping with our commitment to providing the best the world has to offer with our local expertise.  

Royal SMIT and Power System Partners have a long of experience in the UK market having been one of the first transformer manufacturers outside the UK to supply to the deregulated utility market. Since then Royal Smit Transformers, with the collaboration of Power System Partners, has continued to deliver many successful projects for a range of transmission operators and generation companies, including renewable energy generators. We are able to combine transformers from Royal Smit with Power System Partners capability to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution to both customers and Partners, adding real value to those important to our business.