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 With almost half a century of experience in the UK energy market, Ray Chatfield has amassed a great deal of skill and expertise in many areas key to Power System Partners. Ray applies this knowledge to his task of promoting and supporting the sales of Tamco Switchgear to Power System Partners' customers.


Ray first became involved in the UK energy market in 1970 joining GEC as an apprentice, he fulfilled several rolls within GEC, GEC Alstom and Alstom culminating in his role as Commercial Director prior to joining the team at Power System Partners.


Since joining Power System Partners, Ray’s focus has been on the TAMCO and Coelme products which Power System Partners offers to it’s customer base in the UK and Ireland. Ray has been instrumental in ensuring that both TAMCO and Coelme meet all the expectations of the market – his technical knowledge and management experience have helped ensure TAMCO and Coelme have achieved the necessary territorial approvals required by Utility customers.


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