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As one of Power System Partners' two directors Mark Ducommun is instrumental in our continued success. Mark has almost three decades of experience in the UK energy market and has huge expertise in the industry. Power System Partners has particularly benefited by Mark's expert ability to build and maintain relationships with customers as well as partners.


Mark started his career with ALSTOM in 1989 and, since, has amassed a wealth of skills and experience. Mark has an extensive history of sales and business development, consistently increasing sales revenue in every position he has held.  Mark combines an organised professionality with creativity and charisma to ensure both customers and partners are provided with an unparalleled service. Projects in the UK energy market can be dynamic and unpredictable but Mark’s expertise means are clients can be assured that any issues will be solved to the highest standards.


Mark is primarily responsible for Cast Resin and Distribution Transformers in the UK. SGB Cast Resin is our partner for Cast Resin transformer and through Mark's work they now enjoy an unparalleled reputation for data centre transformers. Mark has seen sales for our partners rise consistently and significantly over the past decade, proving our value to partners through continued success.


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