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Chris founded Power System Partners in 2006 and has grown the business from strength to strength over the course of 12 years. In the first year of working for Power System Partners' first principal, Chris doubled SGB-SMITs sales revenue and has continued to grow the UK sales revenue of Power System Partners' principals.  Together with his fellow director, Mark Ducommun, Chris represents the Power System Partners approach – dedicated, expert and successful.


Chris has over 25 years of experience in the UK energy market and has amassed a great deal of skills, connections and expertise in the industry. Chris also drew upon his international experience to ensure that Power System Partners is a company that brings the best of the world to the UK energy market.


Chris is primarily responsible for large and medium power transformers and as such represents the interests of Royal SMIT and SGB in the UK. Chris has seen these partners win many major contracts for projects with major utility customers, generation companies and renewable energy providers and many others.


Chris values strong relationships with customers and partners very highly and dedicates himself to achieving the best results for both, no matter what obstacles a project may face. Chris has instilled his own personal dedication as a core value of Power System Partners and the rest of the company emulates his approach.


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