Power System Partners - Our values

Power System Partners takes ethical business incredibly seriously. We believe that business has a great deal of responsibility in the modern world to protect both those people involved in the business and the environment. As such we hold our partners to an extremely high ethical standard. All of our partners are committed to the safety and development of their employees as well as the environment and wider community.


Power System Partners seeks to be an exemplary British business and, as such, ethical practice is very important to us.


We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard and strive to continually improve the world in which we live. Power System Partners has a number of benevolent projects it undertakes to these ends. 

Power System Partners is also seeking to promote a new generation of British innovators that can help propel Britain forward. Our Future Innovators Initiative will promote the next generation of progress creators and help keep Britain at the cutting edge of engineering and technology.


We are seeking to fund worthy causes that complement our current benevolent projects and help develop our Future Innovators Initiative.


Power System Partners strives to be a carbon neutral business . Our offices are fitted with 55kW of solar generation which, combined with our Air Source Heat Pump heating system, significantly reduces Power System Partners' demands on the environment.