Power System Partners - Potted History - So far

Our business was founded in 2006 with humble origins, from then we have used a combination of dedication and expertise to grow our sales into multi-millions pounds of business. We are unique in the UK market in terms of the way we operate and the services that we offer. As a UK sales agent we have a unique ability to source the best products from businesses around the world, but we also develop deep partnerships with these businesses to ensure that together we can offer an unparalleled experience to customers.


The value that we add to both partners and customers is shown by our continued growth. We have grown from a small operation to a firm handling multi-million pounds worth of business by continually delivering successful projects.


We are dedicated, diligent and decisive meaning that we are always able to improve our partners’ ability to succeed in the UK and Irish energy markets and at the same time satisfy our customers by ensuring that all of our projects are successfully completed.

Chris Hodgson first established the company in 2006, joined in 2007 by Mark Ducommun to truly cement Power System Partners.


Together they primarily manage SGB-SMIT Groups interests in the UK. Chris manages the power transformers with Mark managing cast resin and distribution transformers. 

By separating the business into two halves each director was able to build upon their pre-existing connections to augment their UK capabilities. SGB-SMIT Group saw a significant increase in sales based upon this arrangement and as such Power System Partners began to grow it’s reputation further.


Following the successful management of the SGB-Smit Group sales in the UK and Ireland a number of other companies became interested in using our services in the UK market. Subsequently Power System Partners has gone on to have extensive partnerships with both COELME and TAMCO.

Developing our relationship with TAMCO was a major challenge. Despite having an extensive history in Asia, prior to partnering with Power System Partners, TAMCO had no interaction with the UK market. Power System Partners took major steps to give TAMCO the ability to penetrate the UK market, our expertise in the UK and Ireland gave TAMCO support and capabilities it would have taken decades for them to develop independently. Power System Partners invested significant resources in gaining TAMCO business which has resulted in TAMCO becoming perfectly positioned for the UK and Irish market. Consequently for the UK Market TAMCO has obtained ENA Approval and been selected by various Utility customers as a framework partner for their fixed pattern 33kV and 11kV switchgear.

In recent years we have continued to grow and strengthen. Today we are preparing for the challenges the UK energy market will face following political changes in order to ensure our principals and customers continue to operate successfully.